World Peace Through Inner Peace
No Healer Left Behind Initiative!
What would you do if you had a message of healing to share with someone you love? What about a whole community that wants to hear what you have to say and you have to figure out how to make it happen?  Without a large email list or following...just the knowledge of your craft. 

What would you do to optimize your business operations, grow your online presence, and stimulate consistent revenues? I asked 30 experts in the wellness field to walk me through their processes and share their formulas for success. 

I am amazed and inspired by their responses, I am so excited for you hear what they had to say! 

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The Biggest Black Wellness Leadership Summit Ever!
Get 30 CE Credit Hours
What is the Mastermind.Yoga Summit?
Mastermind.Yoga Summit is a 3 part virtual training created to nourish the growing wellness community.  We help leadership minded healers spread the benefits of inner peace in communities worldwide.

Our focus is on developing conscious business practices, so that the positive impact is reciprocal for students and teachers of yoga and other healing modalities. We believe that leaders are needed more now than ever. Its time to show up in alignment with your inner calling. 

You are right where you need to be to get where you're going.

Mission: World Peace Through Inner Peace
The Mastermind.Yoga Summit speakers have been featured in...
Why Attend the Mastermind.Yoga Summit?

Watch from the comfort of any device

Get 2 sessions with speakers that normally charge $100-$500 per hour.

Guest speakers will provide you with the  steps you want to take in your biz now.

Our Guest Expert Speakers
Andrew Sealy
Jazmin Porter
Jordan Hunter
Candyss Love
Khalief Khadafi
Ife Roberts
Mia Bradford
Ysa- AfroVibes
Kiera Foreman
Charles III

Jade Javon
Dr. Danielle
Jerry Justizia
Youmie Francois
Ayan Anderson 
KG Smooth
Dixie Nichols
Kiko Ellsworth
Selena Isles
Queen Bolaji
Justin Micheal Williams
Askari Moore
See Example Summit Sessions
There are 10+ total session for each theme.
Theme 1
Business Operations

  • Legal Set up for Success
    Dr. CJ Wickliff, Esq
  • Astrology For Business
    Wanica Dunn
  • Get PR Ready
    Dixie Lincoln Nichols
  • Beginner's Mindset
    Jade Javon
  • Biz Credit 101
    Kiera Foremen
  • Consistency
    Kiko Ellsworth
Theme 2
Online Presence

  • Podcast to Your Tribe
    Andrew Sealy
  • Confidence
    Youmie Francois
  • Purposeful Positioning
    Jaz Porter
  • Art of Blogging
    Margo Francois
  • Book to Booked
    Shelby Harris
  • Inflate Your Insta
    Candyss Love
Theme 3
Revenue Generation

  • Courses for the Culture
    Justin Micheal Williams
  • Profit by Affiliation
    Jamila Flake
  • Easy Etsy Income
    Ife Roberts
  • Conscious Coins
    Femme Yogiprenuer
  • Free Yoga Still Pays
    James Woods
  • Headlining Festivals
    Selena Isles
Your Summit Host
Alicia Dugar Stephenson, ERYT500
Alicia's fascination with the transformative power of yoga originates from her lupus diagnosis in 2009. Thanks to yoga, she has no more pain or meds! Life changing healing inspired her 3000+ hours of yoga instruction to spread yoga far and wide. Her mission is to spread "World Peace through Inner Peace". 

As a conscious entrepreneur, she is the CEO of Yoga Pages and the founder of Mastermind.Yoga. Alicia is a published author. Her yoga chakra lifestyle workbook, YOGA BEST LIFE, is available on amazon. 

Subscribe to the new Youtube channel for wellness leaders.  The link will be sent to you when you register for the summit! In it, Alicia teaches the business of yoga and gives credit hours to participants. 

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